Customs defines an antique as any manufactured article years or more of age, but if this were followed to the letter, virtually all antique shops would be out of business! Other terms used to imply age include quaint, old-time, classic, aged, early, old-fashioned, historic, period, old, relic, artifact, bygone, rarity, outmoded, and heirloom. With reproductions, fakes, fantasies and copycats flooding the market, how can a buyer determine whether an article is the real thing? Noted collectibles expert Harry Rinker suggests the following rules: Question its form, shape, construction, size, pattern, etc. Items were made to be used and should show wear and natural aging. If there is no damage to the bottom or feet, be suspicious. At the base of furniture, look for dings and scratches from shoes and sweepers. Sit on the chair or sofa, then look for wear where your back touches. Upholstery will show well-set fold lines; glass, even if set for show, will have drag scratches on its base.

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The Eastlake furniture style as envisioned by its namesake, Charles Lock Eastlake, came about in response to his dislike of the over-the-top Rococo Revival .

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Contact Furniture for Sale On occasion we come across unique, quality pieces of furniture and restore them to their original beauty. Below is a list of the items we currently have for sale. If you’re interested in, or have any questions about something you see – please contact us. Quarter sawn oak with mortise and tenon construction.

May 04,  · This information gives a very specific window of time when dating Victorian furniture. Most Eastlake period case pieces will have this style of joinery. I will say this, I find that if I need to disassemble a drawer made from this joint, it does a pretty good job of staying together!

Here are some general guidelines to go by. When you are going to the expense of having something recovered, it would generally be safe to assume that you want the springs and padding to last the lifetime of the cover. Generally you want the cover to wear out before the stuff under it. Unless the furniture was reupholstered very recently – AND – the springs and padding were replaced or thoroughly repaired at that time, then we would recommend that they be repaired or replaced now.

Look through the Picture and Slideshow section of our website and you will see that the support structure webbing and burlap of many of the antiques are quite deteriorated, even when they look fine on the outside. Recovering just putting a new cover over the existing springs and padding , is only an option if the frame is rock solid, if the springs and padding are in excellent shape. If the frame is even a little wobbly, or the springs are weak, then you would at least go for the reupholstery option.

Especially with antiques there is often much more work under the cover than what you can see on top. What is your Purpose? Make usable for household use? Here are some questions to consider: What is the furniture worth?

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Characteristics of Victorian Furniture Style Sep 27th Victorian furniture style can blend well in many different types of homes, but they look exceptional in old Victorian homes. The Victorian era, which lasted from to , was the period of time in which Queen Victoria was on the throne in England. But, modern-day Victorian furniture is not exactly the same as antique Victorian furniture.

Charles Eastlake, an Englishman, wrote the book Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details. He thought the objects in people’s homes should be attractive and well made by workers who took pride in their handwork or machine work.

To purchase a product, please call or email dshay aol. At 21 he returned to NY and began his highly successful career as a magazine illustrator. Notice the mischevious expression on the lovely ladies face, while looking into a mirror, hence, “Double Trouble”. A color copy of that magazine cover will accompany the piece. A very rare and important piece of vintage American art.

Measures 11″ x 3″ and is very heavy brass. Properly signed Bradley and Hubbard with a great Indian chief head in feathered head dress.

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Display large image of Figure 10 Display large image of Figure 13 21 The interior of the new house received as much attention as the exterior. A craftsman was brought in from eastern Canada on the newly completed Canadian Pacific Railway to fabricate the woodwork for the building. This woodwork, which survives to this day with its original finish untouched, was primarily of British Columbia fir with the more detailed pieces of maple and hemlock.

The rich brown tones gave an overall feeling of luxury to the interior. All that was lacking was the fine furniture to complete the setting. This suite is still located in the parlour, where it has remained since the day it was brought to the house. It is manufactured of butternut, with each piece finely carved.

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My collection currently numbers thirteen nine dolls’ houses – I used to have over forty houses but have been steadily streamlining the collection and in over the last eight years I have sold off all my commerical antique and vintage houses but two. My primary focus is now restricted to artisan dollhouse miniatures with a few exceptions here and there.

Many of my houses are displayed in one room where I painted a Rufus Porter-style mural around three sides of the room. One wall is copied from the mural that appears in the Tynietoy mansion while the other walls feature scenes from the Delaware Valley landscape, where I live with my husband and troublesome cat on the north side of the Musconetcong Mountain. Other houses are located throughout my house with the largest ones restricted to the ground floor because big houses do not fit up the narrow stairways of a year old farmhouse!

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Regardless, the chair will be a valuable addition to the collector of Eastlake period furniture. The chair itself is unusual for a folding rocker of its design. This one has intricate carving in the c Eastlake dresser with mirror, simpler style, very good condition. $

A new joint One of the first things to be looked at when trying to determine the age of a piece of antique furniture is the type of joinery used in the construction of the piece. Knowing the history of the technology of various periods goes a long way toward explaining clues about the age of furniture and none is more important or accessible than the type of joint used to secure a drawer. Mostly what we see are dovetails of a sort.

The interlocking dovetail joint came into general use in the William and Mary period in the late s and very early s, and for the first time allowed the construction of reliable drawers, a device with extremely limited use or convenience until then. Before this innovation most furniture consisted of simple boxes called coffers or some type of open shelving arrangement, and cabinets with shelves behind doors such as the old court cupboard.

By the end of the 18th century some progress had been made in furniture technology. Rotary saws were on the horizon and all nails were no longer made one at a time by a blacksmith. While the joint had been refined and perfected it was still too difficult to be made by a machine.

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Flint The creation of tools utilizing the natural environment is what distinguishes man from animal. What was once created using stone, wood, and bone has, over the centuries, evolved into metalworking and modern-day plastics. But it is the earliest tools, those carved from stone, which allowed mankind to conquer the natural environment and to prosper.

Holding this flint arrowhead in our hand, delicately carved to a fine point thousands of years ago, we are holding the nascent breath of civilization.

The Eastlake furniture style, as envisioned by its namesake Charles Lock Eastlake, came about as a response to his aversion to the over-the-top Rococo Revival and Renaissance Revival styles popular during the Victorian era. Eastlake was a trend-setting British architect, author, and lecturer, according to American Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Sofas & Beds, by Marvin D. Schwartz.

Permalink Reply by Robert Jalbert on September 22, at I would say 20’s. Is there any tag or plate or sticker anywhere on the set? Inside the drawers, on the back of one of the pieces?? Looking for a makers name. They are in awesome shape.

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