Eminence alpha 6c

Eminence ALPHA-6C, 5-Mitteltöner, 100W RMS, Ohm, 81Hz- 5kHz, f(s) 107Hz Ideal für die Mittenwiedergabe in 3- Wege- Systemen und für kleinere . Lower Data = Import: LoFreqCorr94. Needed a good midrange in a three way system for keyboard and general PA use.

Using two in each cabinet, mounted at 1degrees to one another for better . Belastbarkeit (RMS), 1- 1Watt. The Eminence Alpha-6C Mid-Bass Loudspeaker Driver is part of thier American Standard Series and is designed to install into custom made or prefabricated . Eminence American Standard Alpha 6A Replacement Speaker, 1Watts at 8.

Eminence American Standard Alpha-6CBMRA Mid-Range Speaker, 100 . Eminence ALPHA 6c – 6” 100W Ohm Alpha6c: EMINENCE Alpha-6c – Lautsprecher 1W Ohm Sehr gute Mittenwiedergabe in Mehr-Wege-Systemen .

Recommended for professional audio midrange applications in a sealed cabinet, or as a mid-bass in a vented satellite enclosure. Hallo zusammen, hat von euch jemand den Ohm Eminence Alpha schonmal im Gehäuse gemessen. Wäre toll wenn einer eine Messung . Find great deals for Eminence Alpha-6c Pro Mid Range Spkr 200w Max Ohms W Copper ALPHA6C.

Eminence Alpha-6C Midrange Ohm 290-399. The Alpha-6C boasts a 4-ohm impedance, increased body weight, and stiffer, more aggressive water proofing . Ich habe lange gesucht, aber kaum Messungen des Alpha-gefunden. Jobsti hat ja mal eine Konstruktion damit vorgestellt. Eminence Alpha 6C 6-inch 4watt midrange speaker with 4-ohms impedance for only $44. Recommended for professional audio mid-range . American Standard Series speaker, ohm.

Recommended for professional audio mid-range applications in a sealed cabinet, or as a mid-bass in a vented . Eminence Alpha– Ohm – Ferrite.

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