Bra sizes uk

Bra Size Convension Chart – UK (United Kingdom) Bra Size to US (United States),EU (Europe), FR (France), IT (Italy), AU (Australia) Bra Sizes. The bra size converter can be used to convert your bra size to all international bra sizes. Simply select your bra size from the drop-down list which corresponds to the sizing scale used in your country, and the.

Band Sizes – (See CUP Sizes below). USA, UK, Europe, France, Italy, Australia, Japan. Calculator for the estimation of bra size for women.

This calculator gives out for US, UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

Also find hundreds of other free . It’s all too easy to wear the wrong bra size, so if you’re not feeling as comfortable as you’d like, simply follow our bra size calculator to find . Follow the simple steps and complete our Bra Size Calculator to find the right bra for you. Alternatively, come into a store for a complementary bra fitting. The world’s first patented adjustable sports bra for ultimate fit and perfect support.

Free UK Delivery on orders over £50. Bra Size Calculator Measuring Guide . Keep the tape parallel to the floor, do not pull it tight, and measure against the skin for the most accurate. UK bra sizes are calculated in inches, so it is .

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